Group interview coaching

Group interview coaching workshops offer a practical and affordable opportunity for people to improve their interview skills and build confidence. Unlike 1-to-1 coaching, group workshops open up the opportunity to share individual experiences, take part in interview ‘role plays’ to help understand the interviewer’s perspective, and offer support to colleagues.

As with 1-to-1 coaching, workshops are suitable for any group of people preparing for an interview, including

  • school leavers finding their first job
  • sixth formers preparing for a university place
  • new graduates or undergraduates competing for internships or graduate programme placements
  • employees getting ready for their all-important internal promotion
  • people at risk of redundancy 

Sessions are prepared to meet the specific needs of the group, based on one or more of three core building blocks


For example: Understanding what the interviewer really wants; understanding the different types of interview questions and why they are used; looking at the most common interview questions and ideal answers; tips for participants on developing their own agenda and storyline; suggested ways to focus research on the organisation and role that you are applying for.


For example: Opportunities for participants to enjoy role-play exercises, helping them to get inside the mind of an interviewer and share their feedback; rehearsing responses to likely questions; getting comfortable in handling the questions that participants are most afraid of.



For example: Practical advice to help manage nerves; tips to reduce the risk of waffling or mumbling; shared group experiences that will help participants to perform at their very best.



Prices depend on location, group size and materials needed, so please get in touch to discuss your needs.