1-to-1 interview coaching

How interview coaching helps

Are you puzzled about why you’ve been invited to interviews but are still not getting any offers? Does the thought of baring your soul to an interview panel fill you with dread and keep you awake at night? Are you inclined to procrastinate and convince yourself that you are too busy to prepare for your interview? Or perhaps you just find the whole interview process too baffling to engage with? 

The good news is that you are not alone. Most people spend very little time preparing properly for an interview. As a result, they often feel extremely nervous, ramble uncontrollably, struggle to answer the real questions, forget why they ever thought they could do the job and leave their perplexed interviewers wondering if this really is the same person who submitted such an elegantly polished CV. 

Which means there’s even better news. Since most candidates don’t prepare properly, you only need to invest a little time and effort to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. One or two targeted sessions is often all takes to help you:

  • understand what the interviewer(s) will be looking for and the typical questions they might ask
  • prepare strong, authentic and memorable answers to any type of interview question
  • benefit from live feedback on how you come across in a practise interview 
  • learn and practise ways to overcome nerves and self-doubt
  • get to the bottom of what’s really worrying you about the interview, knowing that our conversation will be handled sensitively and in strict confidence 
  • face up to the questions you are most afraid of and prepare a great answer
  • stop procrastinating and get on with some really focused and valuable preparation
  • feel confident that, regardless of the outcome, you have shared the very best possible version of yourself in the interview

Who it’s suitable for

Interview coaching can help you prepare for any sort of interview, for example if you are 

  • looking to change job or career
  • a school leaver finding your first job
  • preparing for a university place
  • a new graduate or undergraduate competing for internships or graduate programme placements
  • getting ready for that all-important internal promotion
  • at risk of redundancy and keen to transition swiftly into a new role

Topics covered

Breaking down our interview coaching into the three most important blocks ensures we focus our efforts where they are most needed. 




Including: Understanding what the interviewer really wants; understanding the type of interview, whether competency, strength-based or bespoke; identifying likely questions; developing your own agenda and storyline; focusing your research on the organisation and role.



Including: Live and honest feedback on the content and delivery of your answers; looking at body language and distractions; rehearsing responses to likely questions; getting comfortable in handling the questions you are most afraid of; a safe and supportive space to try out new approaches.



Including: Practical advice to help manage nerves; tips to avoid waffling or mumbling; coaching on tackling underlying confidence issues; a trusted ally and cheerleader to help keep you motivated.



You may be 100% happy that you have great answers prepared, but worry that you will struggle to get these across due to nerves on the day. Or you may feel fully confident about engaging with an interview panel, but concerned that the content of your answers isn’t convincing enough to get the job. Or you may need a bit of help in all three areas. During our initial, free, 15 minute consultation call, we can agree which area(s) we should focus on to ensure that any coaching is tailored specifically to help you excel.


My speciality is Interview Coaching and I do not offer a CV / application form writing service. I am always happy to make recommendations regarding CV / application form writing experts or online support, if we agree this would help you.