Leadership coaching

For a small number of clients, I also offer coaching in leadership, management and personal effectiveness.

How can leadership coaching help?

Coaching is a way of using various skills and techniques to help you clarify your goals and then identify and take the right steps to achieve them. It can help in many different work contexts:

  • Developing specific skills to improve your personal effectiveness, such as delegating, time management, managing work-life balance, problem-solving, handling ambiguity or change and improving strategic thinking.


  • Getting comfortable with ‘people issues’, such as tackling tough conversations, dealing with conflict, and motivating your team.


  • Smoothing the transition to a new role, including handling greater authority or responsibility,  letting go of the detail and working out how to define your new position. Particularly useful if you have been promoted because of your technical expertise and now need to accelerate development of your leadership and management abilities to have the impact you want.


  • Building your overall confidence and addressing the common issues and fears that hold you back, including public speaking, coping with failure, dealing with change or managing the all-too-common feeling of being an impostor in new your new role.


  • Exercising your leadership muscles, including understanding your personal leadership style, testing out new approaches and working out how you might adapt your natural style to get the very best results from your people.


  • Offering a safe and confidential space to share the thorny work issues that keep you awake, such as having the difficult conversations you can’t have with your colleagues, having an independent and intelligent sounding board to talk through a sensitive strategy, a thoughtful source of honest feedback and a trusted ally on what can sometimes be a lonely leadership journey.

Rather than just benefiting you as an individual, coaching is a highly valued investment for your whole organisation. Although notoriously difficult to quantify the precise return on investment (estimates vary hugely), executives worldwide have a high regard for coaching as a leadership development strategy, recognising that interpersonal skills and leadership understanding can be just as essential as business acumen.

Being able to motivate, inspire and engage your colleagues, reduce workplace friction, articulate a clear leadership vision and develop a culture of sharing honest feedback will surely enhance productivity and ultimately make a positive difference to your organisation’s reputation and bottom line.  

Who can benefit from coaching? 

I offer one-to-one coaching in leadership, management and personal effectiveness for everyone at work. Not just the CEO, executive talent or graduate high potentials. Everyone.

Perhaps you’re….

  • a technical specialist getting to grips with your first big management position and feeling unsure about how to get the best from your people?


  • an experienced senior leader looking for an independent, intelligent sounding board and refreshingly honest feedback?


  • an ambitious new starter looking to find your niche, accelerate your learning and map out your career plan?


  • a talented woman needing some practical tools and a supportive cheerleader to help you achieve what you know you’re really capable of?


  • a forward-thinking organisation that’s keen to invest in development of your people because you know what difference this will make to your performance, reputation and bottom line?


  • a frustrated manager wanting a safe and confidential space to work through the complexities of office politics without being judged?

Or perhaps you just want to push your boundaries, stretch your horizons, understand how you make a positive difference and deliver more of what you value.  

What next?

I always keep the process and approach simple and down-to-earth, but don’t be fooled into thinking coaching is a soft option. Be prepared to think deeply, stretch yourself and be challenged (whilst having some fun along the way!).

A strong rapport between coach and client is critical to success – we both need to be sure we can work well together before any formal coaching begins. So before starting any coaching programme, it’s really important to have an informal conversation to explore the areas you’d like to focus on and consider how we might work together. If you are interested, please get in touch to arrange a time for this conversation. There is no obligation or hard sell, as I firmly believe that coaching is most likely to succeed if you are eager to participate, rather than feeling coerced!